Prinča Bernarda stipendija dabas aizsardzībai

The WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships (PBS) are awarded to individuals from East and South who wish to pursue formal studies or professional training in the field of conservation.

The deadline for candidates to submit their applications to Pasaules Dabas Fonds for the 2012 PBS is 11 January 2012.

Datums: dec 28, 2011

Who should apply?
As a priority, the PBS support mid-career training (up to a maximum of one year) for individuals working in the field of conservation or associated disciplines directly relevant to the delivery and promotion of conservation. Applications from candidates doing multiple-year studies will only be considered if the applicant is applying for support for the last year of studies.

Applications are encouraged from people seeking to build skills in specific subjects that will enhance their contribution to nature conservation. In particular, women and people working for non-governmental or community-based organizations are encouraged to apply.

Only nationals from Africa/Madagascar, Asia/Pacific, Latin America & Carribean, Eastern Europe & Middle East will be considered, including WWF staff or candidates working as partners with WWF. Preference is given to those seeking support for studies in their own country or region, and applicants must provide written proof of acceptance on a course.

More information, Guidelines & Application form here!